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court resurfacing partially completed

27 Jun 2019 1:59 PM | Stewart Shevin (Administrator)

Hey all,

Peter Werbe and I met with Farhat Chaudrey (engineer) and Jeff Klein (Deputy Chief of Landscape Architecture) at the courts yesterday. We accessed the north court surface work done by their vendor.  

First, the work was contracted to be done on the south courts. They mistakenly resurfaced the north (wrong) side. The good news is that the city is having the contractor fix the south courts as it was their mistake.

We were all in agreement that although the courts look great, the vendor did not prep the cement as expected. Specifically,  grinding down and pouring a suitable self-leveling epoxy before the application of the slip-resistant surface paint. The crack and pop filling was less that appropriate.

The upshot is that Jeff will meet with vendor to discuss making better of the north courts and approaching the south courts (to make right)  in a suitable manner. He is telling them the court surfaces need to be ground down and filled properly. They will haggle over money and whatever I’m sure. Jeff will get back to me with the results of that meeting. I will update you once I hear back.

As soon as the south courts are resurfaced, cyclone fencing will be installed around the south courts.

Once the fence install starts, we will repurpose the mesh from the south to make the north court fencing higher (total 10’). It was  suggested to install a second shorter fence a few feet past the first to keep more balls from heading into the woods. We can repurpose the south T-posts for that. 

Other notes:

We plan to clean and apply a sealant to the stepped wall caps. This will remedy vegetation growth on those wall tops. We’ve also noticed seepage coming through and down the side of the walls at a few points. This deteriorates the walls themselves, and has caused new paint at the base to peal in a few spots. 

We’ll touch up the wall paint after repairs.


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